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Re: [jslint] Re: Why disallow new as statement?

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  • Satyam
    YUI2 has plenty of issues and they won t be fixed because that would mean breaking plenty of existing applications. That is one of the reasons to start YUI3,
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 22, 2010
      YUI2 has plenty of issues and they won't be fixed because that would
      mean breaking plenty of existing applications. That is one of the
      reasons to start YUI3, to make a clean break and make it good. YUI2
      will forever have some issues because its public interfaces are
      frozen. It is not that the YUI team has not learned anything over
      these years, in fact, you can see a big evolution in the components over
      time, but all those lessons cannot go into the older components of YUI2.

      El 22/02/2010 3:22, Arthur Blake escribió:
      > This issue irritates me too. I use JSLint religiously, but I have to fool
      > it to make it pass with some of my YUI code-- I would have thought that Doug
      > would have "convinced" the YUI team to follow these rules...
      > On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 1:56 PM, Satyam<satyam@...> wrote:
      >> Thanks, James, but how to fool JSLint is not the question but why does
      >> it need to be fooled at all is.
      >> I use and recommend JSLint constantly and the first thing I check when I
      >> have some problem with my code is give it a try, and never release
      >> something if JSLint doesn't give it a clean bill of health, and I
      >> suggest the same to others. I can't change the YUI library, and I agree
      >> that I shouldn't because backward compatibility is important, so, I have
      >> to live with it. But now, I have to accept that my code has to be
      >> ninety-X percent compliant with JSLint, because JSLint will complain
      >> about things I can do nothing about. And I have to go and read those
      >> errors. Not just checking whether I get the panel with the redish
      >> background or not, I know my YAHOO widget will never give me an Ok and I
      >> will have to go through the trouble of checking which errors are there
      >> and which aren't, which takes time.
      >> Worst, I cannot blindly recommend JSLint to newcomers telling them to
      >> really try and get a 100% error free JSLint pass simply because I know
      >> it is not going to happen and giving such recommendation will get people
      >> coming back to me asking why is it complaining about this or about that,
      >> if it works. What am I going to say: fool JSLint? That's not the
      >> answer. The point of the game is to get good code, not code that fools
      >> JSLint.
      >> What's a manager to do? You could put in the rules that all code should
      >> go through JSLint and the HTMLValidator. 100% valid in both cases.
      >> Easy. Now, you have to add a list of exceptions to that 100%. Not a
      >> good thing. Harder to manage, easier to cheat. If you start fooling
      >> JSLint to get a clean bill of health you have to cheat, and when you get
      >> your team to start cheating, there is no end to that cheating, all code
      >> becomes suspect. And the fact is, YUI2 is there.
      >> Satyam
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