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999Re: JSLINT Dreamweaver Extension

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  • samckayak
    Nov 15, 2009
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      > Changelog
      > -Clicking "OK" in the JSLint configuration window closes the window
      > -JSLint is now available from the "Site Reports"
      > -Multiple file selection via "Site Reports"
      > -DWlint now uses the "Site Reports" tab on the "Result" pane of
      > dreamweaver to show results.
      > -Double-clicking the error/warning in the results pane will scroll to
      > the offending line of code.

      These are great updates. It is much more streamlined now. I don't miss the control character much. It might be better if a jslint ICON could be place on the COMMON toolbar.

      The Results pane is the right place. It is much more convenient there and the double-click to find the line of code is great.

      One thing I'd like to see in DW is a JavaScript formatter. Even a good external formatter for JS would be a help if you have any recommendation.

      Thanks for this fine product. You might want to post it in some other DW forums.

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