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998Re: JSLINT Dreamweaver Extension

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  • martijnbeulens
    Nov 14 1:39 PM
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      Sam i tried to address some of your suggestions.
      Could not find how to do a keyboard shortcut yet, so that remains on the
      wishlist for now.

      -Clicking "OK" in the JSLint configuration window closes the window
      -JSLint is now available from the "Site Reports"
      -Multiple file selection via "Site Reports"
      -DWlint now uses the "Site Reports" tab on the "Result" pane of
      dreamweaver to show results.
      -Double-clicking the error/warning in the results pane will scroll to
      the offending line of code.

      Download version from http://dwlint.abisvmm.nl

      --- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com <mailto:jslint_com@yahoogroups.com> ,
      "samckayak" <samc@...> wrote:
      > This extension has so improved my jslint/JavaScript workflow.
      > Some suggestions:
      > 1 - Single key (CTRL-J maybe?) to launch the validator.
      > 2 - Launching the results pane should close the jslint control pane
      > 3 - Double-clicking the error/warning in the results pane should
      scroll-to and highlight the offending line of code.
      > 4 - Once Edits are made, how about a refresh button on the results
      pane? That would save a few steps.
      > 5 - A Resizable results pane would let it fit nicely on the side or
      bottom so the code edit window isn't covered.
      > So... when will all this be done ;-)
      > Sam

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