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880Re: [jslint] Re: Save and restore jslint settings

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  • Paul Novitski
    Sep 2, 2009
      >--- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com, "christian.wirkus"
      ><christian.wirkus@...> wrote:
      > > Are you sure bitwise operators optimize anything in Javascript?
      > > Javascript isn't C, and the data type number is 64 bit float, not integer.

      At 9/2/2009 10:24 AM, aseem.kishore@... wrote:
      >I'm also not sure about whether that indeed optimizes anything. I
      >haven't done profiling comparisons; I'm just reusing well-known algorithms.

      Christian, my guess is that the reasoning behind your comment is an
      assumption that Aseem would choose bit-manipulation primarily to
      optimize the code on a low level. From Aseem's reply that doesn't
      appear to be the case. He's using algorithms because they're
      dependable and do the job without regard for how they work on a low
      level, and that's interesting.

      I offer the opinion that, unless a particular language structure
      occurs in a loop that iterates an enormous number of times, low-level
      optimization is irrelevant compared to the importance of its
      usability in the high-level script.

      (Can we get away with calling usability high-level or human-level

      If a bit of syntax is easy to use, read, proofread, and modify, then
      it wins. The whole purpose of high-level scripts such as JavaScript
      is their human benefit only; the computers don't care, they would run
      binary machine code much more quickly. But these days the chips are
      so bloody fast that it takes a lot of inefficiency to make their
      round trips perceptible to our own slow-poke bags of brain jelly.



      Paul Novitski
      Juniper Webcraft Ltd.
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