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783Re: option.maxerr

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  • christian.wirkus
    Aug 6, 2009
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      --- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com, "Douglas Crockford" <douglas@...> wrote:
      > I added a new option that lets you set the maximum number of warnings. The default is 0. It is used only if option.passfail is not true.

      Bad option value.
      Hi! In Rhino the maxerr option causes a problem.

      Lint at line 2 character 185: Bad option value.
      /*jslint bitwise: true, browser: true, eqeqeq: true, evil: true, immed: true, newcap: true, nomen: true, onevar: true, plusplus: true, regexp: true, undef: tr
      ue, white: true, maxerr: 50, indent: 4 */

      Lint at line 2 character 185: Stopping, unable to continue. (4% scanned).
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