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765Re: [jslint] JSLINT.data()

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  • Harry Whitfield
    Aug 1 1:58 AM
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      On 31 Jul 2009, at 17:15:53, Douglas Crockford wrote:

      > I have added a new method to JSLINT which returns the material from
      > the report in the form of a data structure. This should be useful to
      > programs that want to use JSLint to perform code analysis.
      > The function report now gives a range of line numbers for functions.
      > There is also a summary of unused variables.
      > This had a side effect of introducing some off-by-one errors into
      > the html report. These will be corrected soon. Please let me know if
      > you find any other problems.
      Using the new method in JSLINT within Widget Tester on a Macintosh, I
      am seeing systematic off-by-one errors in the line numbers of the data
      structure which are all one too little. The html report looks correct.
      [Checking against BBEdit in which the first line of a text file is
      number one.]

      Widget Tester Widget (8.4) with JSLint 2009-07-31 is at http://tinyurl.com/5unocx

      This sets a variable jslintData = JSLINT.data() after any call to

      This can be used to test code that uses the new JSLINT.data() method.

      For example, type
      into the command line.
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