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73jslint ideas

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  • Arthur Blake
    Jun 6, 2008
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      I love JSLint!

      A few ideas...

      Would be nice if the "Implied global" error message was in a format that I could cut it and paste it right into the top of my .js file as a /*global ... */ jslint directive (it's almost, but not quite compatible).. if not, then maybe provide a link on the message to generate the correct directive syntax so I can cut & paste it.  This would be useful as I'm often maintaining code that has never been jslinted before, and I like to put the global jslint directive at the top.

      Nice to see the new Indentation options.  Why not go the extra step and make JSLint also into a reformatter since the JS is completely parsed anyway?

      Might want to make the indentation fields at the bottom of the options have some kind of note mentioning that this pertains to the Strict whitespace option (it's not visually obvious that they are connected-- yes even though it's noted in the New features blurb.)

      Is there SVN access to JSLint somewhere?  It changes so often, it would be nice to see a log of changes and or be able to get at older versions.