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570Re: Undefined variable

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  • sandyhead25
    Jun 1, 2009
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      > Variable z is in fact unused. The proof of that is that you can
      > delete "var z = " from that program and the result will be exactly
      > the same.

      When I execute the program I am presented with a first alert displaying "9" and then a second alert displaying "6". If I remove z from the program the first alert will no longer be present, which is an alteration to the resultant execution even if all other code cannot see or feel that alteration.

      This lack of connection implies that functions of immediate invocation contained as instantiation declarations within other objects have a special unique context until such functions are any way restated or reused outside their declaration. That special unique context would be largely meaningless if not for objects that contain closures and several immediate invocation functions as declarations using those closures after the closure variables are declared.
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