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53strict whitespace

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  • Kai
    May 24, 2008

      A few -more or less- philosophical questions regarding strict whitespace option:

      A)  Comment:

      JSLint doesn't like comments within function arg parenthesis:
      function foo(bar/*,baz*/) {}


      function foo(/*@cc_on  !@*/false) {}  // => Unexpected space after 'bar'.

      Why does JSLint treat this comment as space?

      B)  Space before parenthesis

      JSLint expects this:

      el.onclick = function () { //there has to be a space before parenthesis here... (1)
      function foo() {} // ...but not here (2)

      but doesn't like that:

      foo () {  //=> Unexpected space after 'foo2'. (3)
      el.onclick = function() { // => Missing space after 'function'. (4)

      why is that?  just "because that's how it is" or is there a reason? shouldn't it be either with or without space?

      (1), the "floating" empty parenthesis look very unusual to me. but maybe that's just because i'm used to 'bind" them to the function keyword (4)

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