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3158Re: closure compiler chokes on jslint.js

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  • douglascrockford
    Mar 2 1:14 AM
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      --- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com, "Heinz Rasched" <raschedh@...> wrote:
      > running the closure compiler from The Google
      > over jslint.js now throws errors.
      > it is offended for example by the usage of 'function' as a
      > property name.
      > For example in line 1980 of jslint.js one finds
      > token.function = funct;
      > Now in 'JavaScript: The Good Parts' one finds on page 21
      > in 'Retrieval'
      > "[...] and if it is a legal JavaScript name and not a reserved
      > word, then the . notation can be used instead"
      > On Page 7 the word `function' is listed as one of these reserved
      > words.
      > so closure seems to be rightly offended.
      > i use jslint from the cmdline, attaching some stuff to its
      > butt, so that i can run it through node.js.
      > after the attachment i run closure to minify it.
      > so it's not a big deal; i can still run it.

      JSLint strictly conforms to the syntax of ES5. File a bug report with closure.
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