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3090CSS * selector throws error when in style block

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  • george_weilenmann
    Jan 9, 2013
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      Unexpected '*'.

      Rationale for acceptance:

      The * selector in CSS, also known as the universal selector, is useful for setting styling to the full array of possible tags and all descendants of an ancestor without having to be verbose about the DOM tree involved.

      One common use is
      * {font-family:<fonts>;}

      Restrictions that are reasonable
      When naked the * selector should be the 1st line within a style block, as this applies to all elements regardless of location in the DOM tree. When clothed the * may not be the first selector indicated unless html is the second (this is to accommodate common CSS hacks for IE, yes we all hate that blasted bane.)

      invalid: * <additional selector(s) except html>
      valid: * html {css hacks}
      valid: body * {}
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