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2991Re: [jslint] Array construction bug

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  • Tom Worster
    Sep 1, 2012
      i just think JSLint isn't for everyone.

      i had been using it with greater or lesser enthusiasm for years until,
      after watching the video of douglas' talk at txjs11 several times, i had a
      blinding conversion. finally i saw that it doesn't matter what i think
      about code style. the only thing that matters is reducing the chance of
      bugs now and in the future while assuming that my code is going to be
      inherited by marginally competent programmers(*).

      before this conversion, JSLint would sometimes annoy me with its nagging.
      the annoyance would manifest something like "but i know what i'm doing" or
      "but i don't like that" or "my version is better". now, whenever that
      feeling comes upon me i tell myself (sometimes out loud): "it doesn't
      matter what you prefer, tom, not even a little bit." and once i calm down
      i can usually see the wisdom of JSLint's suggestion.

      code is not design and programming is not the act of designing.
      programming is a dreadful business. i welcome anything that can improve
      the chance that the program will be and will remain correct.

      but obviously many programmers don't share my view. and JSLint isn't for

      and, btw, i liked one part of douglas' talk so much i transcribed it:

      (*) and when i'm really honest with myself i have to count myself among
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