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2963Re: Controlling compressors

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  • sandyhead25
    Aug 8, 2012
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      I have found the following code works in both my Pretty Diff application and the JSLint tool:

      /*prettydiff.com api.topcoms: true*/
      /*license here*/

      var a; //arbitrary code here

      /*throw away comment here*/

      var b;

      I would have thought JSLint would throw an error for multiple uses of the "var" keyword in any single scope, but apparently not in the global scope.


      --- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com, Tom Worster <fsb@...> wrote:
      > Some compressors do not touch the initial comments of a file in order to
      > leave copyright, license etc. in place. I find that useful. However, some
      > of my files have comments after the public notices but before the first
      > lines of actual script that I would prefer to not see in the compressed
      > file. I can do that by separating these two passages of comments with a
      > bit of JS code.
      > But I haven't come up with a separator that has no other purpose or effect
      > that both I and JSLint like.
      > What's a JSLint-friendly bit of trivial code for this purpose?
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