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  • douglascrockford
    May 10, 2012
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      --- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com, "Merlin" <g7awz@...> wrote:

      > I note that you have removed the "Assume a Yahoo! Widget" option from the UI.
      > I am not unduly bothered by that, but hope that you will leave that option and associated code in JSLint itself so that those (few?) of us who are still building Yahoo! Widgets will not be denied the use of JSLint.

      Yahoo itself is not longer supporting widgets, so I don't think I need to support them too. You can use option.predef or /*globals*/ to specify the widget api.

      /*global alert: true, animator: true, appleScript: true, beep: true, bytesToUIString: true, Canvas: true, chooseColor: true, chooseFile: true, chooseFolder: true, closeWidget: true, COM: true, convertPathToHFS: true, convertPathToPlatform: true, CustomAnimation: true, escape: true, FadeAnimation: true, filesystem: true, Flash: true, focusWidget: true, form: true, FormField: true, Frame: true, HotKey: true, Image: true, include: true, isApplicationRunning: true, iTunes: true, konfabulatorVersion: true, log: true, md5: true, MenuItem: true, MoveAnimation: true, openURL: true, play: true, Point: true, popupMenu: true, preferenceGroups: true, preferences: true, print: true, prompt: true, random: true, Rectangle: true, reloadWidget: true, ResizeAnimation: true, resolvePath: true, resumeUpdates: true, RotateAnimation: true, runCommand: true, runCommandInBg: true, saveAs: true, savePreferences: true, screen: true, ScrollBar: true, showWidgetPreferences: true, sleep: true, speak: true, Style: true, suppressUpdates: true, system: true, tellWidget: true, Text: true, TextArea: true, Timer: true, unescape: true, updateNow: true, URL: true, Web: true, widget: true, Window: true, XMLDOM: true, XMLHttpRequest: true, yahooCheckLogin: true, yahooLogin: true, yahooLogout: true */
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