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2877For Doug & JS Devs that might find this useful - JS Code Coverage - Chrome Ext

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  • aceblchboy
    May 10, 2012
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      Google Chrome Extension http://code.google.com/p/script-cover/

      Some things to note:

      If the program needs data to detect if the code is covered, it will need
      it; however if an object is used/associated with a program, it seems to
      automatically associate it and attempt coverage with it and all its

      The plugin will need to be disabled for casual surfing, otherwise it
      analyzes the JS of each page you visit and can slow surfing down.

      The plugin does not work offline / locally - it will analyze jslint.com,
      but it won't analyze c:\jslint\index.html

      The plugin is somewhat unstable, seems to crash the page a lot for me
      when doing very heavy work.

      Otherwise the plugin is good at detecting logical fallacies and dead
      code that JSLint is otherwise incapable of detecting.

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