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2773RE: [jslint] Ending CSS block with semicolon

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  • Rob Richardson
    Feb 1, 2012
      It is less effective to lint minified or processed code as anything you discover usually can't be repaired in its current format. Also note that JSLint's CSS support is pretty rudimentary. Csslint.net is a similar tool for CSS.


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      This is a difference between maintainable CSS (which should follow a very strict format) and ~minified~ CSS. Just as JSLint won't pass minified JS (which would also be written with a missing semicolon in the same essential location), it won't, and should not, pass minified CSS.

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      Subject: [jslint] Ending CSS block with semicolon

      JSLint wants CSS blocks to end in semicolons, like this:

      <style type="text/css">

      It's perfectly OK to not have a semicolon in "{color:navy}".

      I don't see an option for this? Is there an option to stop this check?

      And if not, can such an option be added?

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