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2620JSLint errors wiki?

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  • Robert Ferney
    Sep 21, 2011
      I've been using JSLint for a bit now, and I have noticed that often
      there are error messages where I wonder why JSLint is complaining
      about it..

      I'm wondering if it would be possible to have a wiki or something
      where the error would have a link to the wiki that would have a more
      detailed explanation as to why JSLint is complaining about this, what
      makes it important, and what to do about it.

      To take a recent example..
      whitespace at the end of a line..
      why should we care?
      Does it cause some JavaScript engines to interpret the code differently?
      if so, which ones?

      Is it for readability? What are the pros and cons..

      Is there an option to make JSLint not care?

      So that when I see a new error pop up, I can click the link, and read
      more about it.

      Secondly, I find that there are some things that I do consistently,
      that I wonder if there may not be some sort of filter to fix
      like forgetting the space between function and ().. or adding extra
      space inside the () for an argument list, or not putting a space after
      the , in an argument list..
      Does anybody know a good filter that could be used before lint to
      catch these things?

      - Robert Ferney
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