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2558Re: [jslint] Re: Formatting question

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  • Tom Worster
    Aug 5, 2011
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      On 8/4/11 5:40 PM, "g2223060" <g2223060@...> wrote:

      >I agree with you, Mark- I have been using that style in my own code.
      >Probably why I haven't seen this error until the developer asked for my
      >help with it :) Maybe we should just have a policy that you don't
      >initialize in the declaration...

      If you take that step, I hope you do so because you believe it is a good
      policy, not because of a tool like JSLint.

      Personally, fwiw, I think initializing to a literal in the declaration is
      just fine, and separating var status = 'ready'; into two statements
      doesn't help, but calling functions and doing calculations etc. is for
      subsequent lines of code.

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