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2426ADsafe approved url - what form does it take?

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  • wildboar17
    Jul 4 11:41 PM

      <div id="WIDGETNAME_">
      html markup required by the widget
      <script src="easy.js"></script>
      ADSAFE.go("WIDGETNAME_", function (dom, lib) {
      "use strict";


      // options:
      /*jslint browser: true, white: true, safe: true, adsafe: true, fragment: true, maxerr: 50, indent: 4 */

      // Error:
      Problem at line 6 character 22: ADsafe unapproved script source.
      <script src="easy.js"></script>

      I've tried a variety of forms for the source url without success. Any help appreciated.
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