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228Re: [jslint] Re: CSS

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  • Klemen Slavič
    Sep 18, 2008
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      It would be nice (I can dream, can I) to have a list of browser-specific
      hacks, like # and _ prefix with suggestions on how to substitute those with
      better ones. It would also be nice to warn against using vendor-specific
      properties (like the -moz-* properties and such) or selectors that fail in
      given browsers (like the :hover pseudo element which only works under
      certain conditions when not applied to a elements).

      I'm currently in the process of releasing an alpha version of this script
      which uses the computed style of elements to determine which elements will
      render quirky based on the CSS signature. It will also try to match up any
      rules found in CSS <link> and <style> to try and suggest better approaches
      to known problems. It uses a standalone module which could be reused to plug
      into other applications, like JSlint, to provide a set of profiles that
      match common problems like these. To note, it currently uses jQuery to
      provide cross-browser functioning, but will later be refactored to use just
      the selector engine and a custom style querying module so as to maximize the
      chances of correct quirks detection without normalization.



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