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2011HaXe anyone?

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  • Marc Draco
    Mar 6, 2011
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      I'm not sure if HaXe is a dirty word around here, but I've been playing
      with it recently and found it a reasonable progression from Javascript
      when I was looking for a PHP compiler. I prefer Javascript* to PHP and
      HaXe seemed to offer the best of both - plus it could optimise my
      Javascript-like code into a server-side bytecode (mod_neko for Apache)
      that was much faster than raw PHP.

      HaXe also cross-compiles to Javascript which is an interesting idea, but
      I have not given it a proper workover to see if it writes "good"
      Javascript as demanded by JSLint or "It'll do" Javascript that got most
      of us here in the first place! ;-)

      HaXe badly needs a Lint option - something I've been arguing with
      members of the community recently - but it seems to difficult to
      convince people.

      I wonder if anyone here had any experience with it?

      *And the reason for that is JSLint!