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  • douglascrockford
    Feb 11, 2011
      The browser predefinition list has gotten a lot shorter:

      /*global clearInterval: false, clearTimeout: false,
      document: false, event: false, frames: false,
      history: false, Image: false, location: false,
      name: false, navigator: false, Option: false,
      parent: false, screen: false, setInterval: false,
      setTimeout: false, XMLHttpRequest: false */

      The window.* methods and related properties have been removed.
      It is generally a bad idea to be poking at the window object,
      but if you must, do it explicitly. Write


      and not


      because the implicit form fails in strict mode. When a function is called as a function, this will be bound to undefined. In sloppy mode, this was bound to the global object, which was a bad idea, which enabled the implicit form, which was also a bad idea.
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