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1862Re: [jslint] Re: ANN: JSLint Reporter (Node.js wrapper)

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  • Frederik Dohr
    Feb 2 5:36 AM
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      I've just added an --upgrade option, so there's no need for the makefile
      anymore; simply run `node wrapper.js --upgrade` to download the latest
      version of JSLint:

      I'll revisit option parsing in the next few days.

      > The conventions on Unix for "negative" options have always been a
      > bit quaint. However, I would guess that you could do something like:
      > node wrapper.js --goodparts -nomen example.js (note single minus sign
      > on nomen)

      I don't like the potential confusion of single vs. double dashes.
      Instead, I'll probably go with "--no-<option>" or "--<option>=false"
      (the latter would be consistent with something like --predef="...").

      > That is an excellent idea. Ideally you should limit how often you
      > upgrade to save load on the servers.

      I expect --upgrade to be a manual operation, performed by the user every
      couple of days/weeks.

      > Do please consider the security aspects. [...] It *is* possible to
      > run JavaScript code sandboxed in Node. Maybe you should consider
      > that, instead of the module approach.

      While I understand and appreciate your concern, I'm not too worried
      about this myself. However, I would be very happy to accept patches.

      -- F.
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