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1847Re: ANN: JSLint Reporter (Node.js wrapper)

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  • Merlin
    Jan 28, 2011
      --- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com, Frederik Dohr <fdg001@...> wrote:
      > > It would be good if it were possible to set options off with
      > > something like:
      > > node wrapper.js --goodparts --nomen=false example.js .
      > > That would obviate the need to list all of the good options bar one.
      > That seems like a reasonable thing to do. It'll require a slightly
      > different approach to parsing command-line arguments though - I'll look
      > into that next week. (While there are plenty of option parsers for
      > Node.js, I was trying to avoid external dependencies.)

      The conventions on Unix for "negative" options have always been a bit quaint.
      However, I would guess that you could do something like:

      node wrapper.js --goodparts -nomen example.js (note single minus sign on nomen)

      fairly easily, without having to use an external parser. It would seem odd to use +nomen
      to turn the option off.

      > > Also something like:
      > > node wrapper.js --predef "window, ..." test.js
      > > to be able to set predefined items.
      > Indeed, predef is currently unsupported - I suspect this will fall out
      > of the refactoring above.
      > FWIW, I'm also planning to add an --upgrade option to grab the latest
      > version of fulljslint.js, thus rendering the makefile obsolete (cf.
      > external dependencies).

      That is an excellent idea. Ideally you should limit how often you upgrade to save load on the servers. In my Widget Tester Widget, I pull the JSLint file no more than once a day.

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