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1840Re: ANN: JSLint Reporter (Node.js wrapper)

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  • Merlin
    Jan 27, 2011
      --- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com, Frederik Dohr <fdg001@...> wrote:
      > Here's yet another[1] JSLint wrapper for command-line enthusiasts.

      > Since folks here are very good at uncovering unexpected behavior, I'd
      > greatly appreciate some feedback.

      It would be good if it were possible to set options off with something like:

      node wrapper.js --goodparts --nomen=false example.js .

      That would obviate the need to list all of the good options bar one.

      Also something like:

      node wrapper.js --predef "window, ..." test.js

      to be able to set predefined items.

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