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1761Re: New Edition

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  • abyssoft@ymail.com
    Jan 14, 2011
      I believe that Mr. Crockford would say something to this effect in response.

      "Your sadly pathetic bleatings are harshing my mellow." - Douglas Crockford

      as he did to me on a similar issue.

      My advice, do what I ultimately did after my bruised emotions calloused over, rewrite the offending code. Yes, it takes away valuable resource time from a potential deadlines, that could affect your employment. Yes, you may have your feelings hurt as a result of a previous coder's coding badly. Yes in the long run it makes you a better coder, as you'll be able to more quickly fix crap code. Yes, you have a choice to make, either do as I did and toughen up the skin a bit and make the code compatible and validate (which includes fixing other people's crap) or; don't worry about being a good JS developer and write incompetent code, and don't bother trying to use JSLint.
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