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1682RE: [jslint] option.strict

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  • Rob Richardson
    Dec 13, 2010
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      You've specified "at the top of the file" twice. Did you intend to identify
      the second as "the top of a function"?


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      Subject: [jslint] option.strict

      Some famous websites are failing on the latest browsers because they have
      been concatenating strict mode scripts with non-strict mode scripts. This
      causes the non-strict scripts to fail.

      There are two ways to specify strict mode. The first is to place "use
      strict"; at the top of the file. This contributes to the comcatenation
      failure. The second is to place "use strict"; at the top of a file. This
      gives the strictness function scope, which is much more reliable.

      JSLint's option.strict now accepts the second form. Soon it will reject the
      first form.
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