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1675Re: [jslint] Unexpected use of ++

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  • Jakob Kruse
    Dec 13 7:08 AM
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      I for one think the message/error is pretty clear. You turned on an option to disallow the use of '++'. Then you used '++'. That seems 'unexpected' to me.

      It is not the way in which you use '++' that is unexpected, but that you use it at all.



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      Subject: Re: [jslint] Unexpected use of ++

      --- In jslint_com@yahoogroups.com, Brant Gurganus <brant@...> wrote:

      > Besides what grahamj_42 indicated, citing a reference for a different
      > language doesn't make sense. If such a thing existed, cite K&R
      > JavaScript instead. However, even for C, K&R is a dated source that I've
      > seen encourage bad practices. However, that's a discussion for some
      > other list.


      And where did the JavaScript 'for' construct come from, if not from C?

      However, you missed the irony in my post. As anyone who has learned C finds this way of writing a loop natural, 'i++' is to be expected, and if JSLint doesn't like this perfectly unambiguous expression, it should criticise it in different terms.

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