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1582Re: [jslint] Re: ES5 and constructors

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  • Morgaut Alexandre Louis Marc
    Nov 9 9:17 AM
      A good exemple

      var s = String(3); // typeof s === "string"

      var s = new String(3); // typeof s === "object"

      String() can be used to convert any value into a string while new String() will create an object which constructor is String and which toString method will return its conversion into a string value.

      In ES5 strict mode, without new, when not applied as a method on an object, the value of this can null or undefined

      You can never say for sure that a function won't be used as a constructor

      You just have some little tricks like...
      - the function has been called once with new (then you are quite sure)
      - a property has been defined on its prototype (useless on other function than constructors)
      - its first letter is upper case (convention only)
      - it has a JSDoc with the tag "@constructor" (the developers probably wants you to manage it as a constructor)
      - it is a standard builtin constructor (from JS Core, DOM, BOM, ...)


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