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1503CSS linting bugs.

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  • Mike West
    Oct 4, 2010
      Two small issues popped up recently in my code that would probably be
      worth taking a look at:

      1. `last-child` isn't recognized as a pseudoclass. Adding it to the
      list after line 3416 in the 2010-10-01 build fixes the issue.

      2. Ranges aren't processed correctly. The following CSS code
      produces a JavaScript error ( "Problem at line 4 character 17: Object
      prototype may only be an Object or null" ) on http://jslint.com/

      @charset "UTF-8";

      div {
      background: url("/path/to/thing.jpg");

      I traced it down to a `(range)` syntax not being defined. Copying
      the `(string)` syntax seems to work correctly.


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