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1469Re: [jslint] slice method appears slower in loops than incrementally listing array indexes

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  • Marcel Duran
    Sep 4, 2010
      What if you use regular expression with String.replace, you have a list of
      index plus you can alter the source data. Ex:

      var re = /<style/gi,
      str = 'foobar<style foo>foobar</style>foobar<script
      bar>foobar</script><STYLE foo>foobar</STYLE>foobar',
      res = str.replace(re, function (match, index, source) {
      print(index); // 6 then 64
      return '*' + match + '*';

      print(res); // foobar*<style* foo>foobar</style>foobar<script
      bar>foobar</script>*<STYLE* foo>foobar</STYLE>foobar



      On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 7:55 PM, Cheney, Edward A SSG RES USAR <
      austin.cheney@...> wrote:

      > Marcel,
      > I did consider those. The limitation of indexOf method is that it can only
      > be used once without altering your source data, and regular expression would
      > certainly be faster, but there is no native method for using a regular
      > expression to return a list of indexes.
      > As far as which tests I was using I was altering the type_define function
      > of the markup_beauty function to obtain both tests. I used the it function
      > of the markupmin function to discover the exception situation. Both of those
      > scripts are components of a Pretty Diff tool I maintain at prettydiff.com
      > http://prettydiff.com/markup_beauty.js
      > http://prettydiff.com/markupmin.js
      > Thanks,
      > Austin

      Marcel Duran

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