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146Re: [jslint] Re: Block-comment trick stops JSLINT

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  • Klemen Slavič
    Aug 6, 2008
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      IMHO, I don't think it's the domain of JSlint to handle these kind of comments, since the output of this algorithm is supposed to be clean code that is meant to be used in the wild - having those kinds of comments still inside production code is more a sign of an unfinished product than a lacking in JSlint's features.

      I'd suggest you ignore those errors when debugging and remove them upon delivery - having an option to ignore those comments could lead to code leak in the final product, like leftover dead commented code.

      2008/8/6 montago_2004 <mdk@...>

      no.. its very good practise to code and debug...
      do you disagree ?

      this trick relies on a proper parser.

      I've made it work in my Editor...
      also works in Visual Studio (any version), Notepad++, Dreamweaver and

      its a bug in JSLint, admit it...

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