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1449Re: [jslint] dot property name

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  • Marcel Duran
    Aug 25, 2010
      Couldn't it be optional?

      I believe this is useful when indenting long chain of methods like some
      popular JS frameworks do.

      The following although correct wouldn't be OK to JSLint:
      function func1(foo) {
      var bar = foo.
      replace('o', '0').
      replace('a', '4');
      return bar;

      A possible workaround would be:
      function func2(foo) {
      var bar = foo.replace(
      'o', '0'
      'a', '4'
      return bar;

      Not sure how developers are indenting long chains, specially jQuery ones.


      On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 3:17 PM, Douglas Crockford <douglas@...>wrote:

      > JSLint now requires that there be no whitespace or line break between a .
      > and a property name. This has always been a good practice, and is now
      > especially desirable because of reserved word relaxation in ES5.

      Marcel Duran

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