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1146Re: [jslint] no comments before html root element?

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  • Cheney, Edward A SSG RES USAR USARC
    Feb 12, 2010
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      Not exactly. I am saying I have seen in past projects how this condition is potentially problematic when the technology is pushed beyond current implementations. In other words, there are use cases, not previously considered in the most current DOM specification, that when applied in an instance appear to be problematic in this condition.

      > I guess I'm not enough of a trusting person.
      I can demonstrate this potentially problematic condition, but I have already mentioned I will not harm you with such a demonstration. If such harm is of no concern then simply contact the legal department of Sabre Holdings and ask permission to examine IP attached to my name. I do not own the IP and you must volunteer to an administering party to receive disclosure. Otherwise you would have to find the related contents online and examine them independently of any assistance from me.

      At this point I believe the discussion has the field of association to the JSLint tool and if the discussion is to continue then I ask that you please contact me directly and only after contacting my legal representatives. Until such I cannot continue this conversation.
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