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1133Re: [jslint] no comments before html root element?

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  • Stefan Weiss
    Feb 10, 2010
      On 11/02/10 05:42, Cheney, Edward A SSG RES USAR USARC wrote:
      >> First, when the DOM Document getProcessingInstructions
      >> method is called, it will not return the XML declaration.
      > I cannot find that method in any of the DOM specifications, so I have no response.

      Mark already corrected that (hours ago) in his follow-up message.

      >> Can you tell me if one of the major browsers would have a problem with
      >> the following?
      > There is probably not a rendering problem associated with supplying a
      > comment prior to the root element and after the document prolog.

      The point is that there's no problem whatsoever with having comments
      before the root element. It's perfectly well-formed XML and XHTML, and
      (as far as I can tell, the specs aren't open) also well-formed SGML. You
      were talking about the XML declaration and processing instructions, but
      none of these have anything to do with the document's root element. I
      have never seen comments before the root element to have any effect at
      all on quirks mode vs standard rendering, and I have never seen a
      browser which failed to handle these comments correctly. You asserted
      that the OP was "wrong" in his assessment (that they are valid), so I'll
      repeat my request for a source, or at least an example to support your

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