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1119Re: [jslint] no comments before html root element?

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  • Jean-Charles Meyrignac
    Feb 9, 2010
      On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 4:05 PM, Stefan Weiss <weiss@...> wrote:

      > On 09/02/10 07:30, Cheney, Edward A SSG RES USAR USARC wrote:
      > >> I'm pretty sure that should be valid.
      > > Then you would be wrong.
      > Do you have a source for that statement? Where does it say that comments
      > aren't allowed before the html root element?
      > --
      > stefan

      A quick search returns:


      As with any code, it's a good idea to document your work so that other
      programmers can understand it. A comment begins with the combination of
      characters "<!--" and ends with the combination of characters "-->".
      Comments may appear as a child of any element in an XML document. * They can
      also appear before or after the root element.* A comment may span multiple
      lines but cannot be nested. The following example includes a comment that
      identifies the parts of a bicycle.


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