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1065Re: [jslint] Release notes for each edition?

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  • Harry Whitfield
    Jan 20, 2010
      On 20 Jan 2010, at 15:48:39, Andrew wrote:

      > Hi, I've just been to the JSLint site again today and noticed a new edition date. I wonder if there are any blog posts, notifications or release notes that accompany each edition, to identify what's changed and why?
      > The reason I ask this is because I'm using a visual studio plugin called JSLint.VS, (http://jslint.codeplex.com/), which enables you to integrate JSLint as part of the build process and give an error report, or validate single files etc, but the downloadable version uses an older edition of JSLint.
      > I've subsequently modified my copy of the source to include a more recent edition of JSLint, but I did this last year, and it has now changed again, so I would like to know what changed and why, so that I can determine whether the change requires a critical update to the plugin. :)

      I have a Yahoo! Widget (called Widget Tester) which automatically makes use of the latest edition of JSLint, so I hope the following comments may be of help to you.

      I never alter the code of jslint.js itself. Any alterations are made to the code which calls it.

      My Widget downloads the current edition of JSLint no more than once a day, to limit traffic on the server. The Widget then makes use of the downloaded version.

      Normally, no changes are required to the Widget or to the code that calls the JSLint module.

      When Douglas announces new features or additions or changes to the options on this forum, it may be necessary for me to make a new version of the calling program and to update the Widget.

      Widget Tester can be found at http://tinyurl.com/5unocx . You can pull it apart using any unzip program to see how it works.

      The only code that I normally have to change is in the file lint.js and in the Widget Tester.kon file (when options(i.e. preferences) have to be changed).

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