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1036Re: [jslint] Support for server side JavaScript Server Frameworks

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  • Pelle Wessman
    Jan 5, 2010
      Node.js have very few globals so you could easily tell JSLint about them.
      One way of doing that is to add this line in the beginning of your

      /*global require, process */

      You could also enter those globals in a box on the jslint.com site I

      / Pelle

      2010/1/4 Nicklas Widlund Bjurman <lordmetroid@...>

      > Hi jslint.com mailing list,
      > As a programmer of server side JavaScript software I would be very
      > convenient if jslint also supported other APIs other than the browser.
      > I suppose it could be somewhat problematic to do so as their is no
      > standard API for the server side JavaScript environments like the
      > browsers employ.
      > just like jsline can assume browser it would be awesome if jslint
      > could assume for example node.js, etc.
      > Best regards
      > Nicklas W Bjurman

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