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102didactic example for clean JS

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  • Thomas Koch
    Jul 9, 2008

      can somebody recommend me some small pieces of javascript code, that I
      can study to improve my coding style?

      I already study YUI, but it is to large to take it as a whole for a
      study subject and I also have the impression that it contains some
      legacy code. But I'm still not advanced enough to separate the good
      stuff from the bad stuff.

      Some of my questions are:

      How to build widgets that contains other widgets and interact?
      How to name things?
      How to document my code?
      In which order should I put properties so that I'll find my way also
      one month later?

      In the PHP world there are some sets of conventions and most developer
      teams agree to one set of conventions. I'm searching for the same
      thing in JS.

      Thanks for your advices,

      Thomas Koch

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