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11434FW: [DevJobsIndo] REQUEST FOR PR OPOSAL – RFP "Module and Teachin g Aids Development for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)"

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  • nirarita
    Jan 28, 2014
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      Subject: [DevJobsIndo] REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – RFP "Module and Teaching Aids Development for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)"



      REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – RFP "Module and Teaching Aids Development for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)"

      Dear Sir/Madam, 

      You are invited to submit an offer for “Module and Teaching Aids Development for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)”.


      Terms of Reference



      UniversitasSiswaBangsaInternasional (USBI) is an initiative of the PuteraSampoerna Foundation (PSF) whose vision is to become a sustainable, internationally-recognized university, inspired by the philosophy of the PuteraSampoerna Foundation, which will help to build a better future for Indonesia. Its mission is to educate future leaders who possess the distinctive USBI characteristics of leadership, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility, and are committed to giving back to Indonesian society through a lifelong engagement with the work of the PuteraSampoerna Foundation.


      USBI has been running the three-year SMART LAB project funded by USAID. The SMART Labproject aims to establish four models of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)senior secondary schools and nest them as nodes in larger linked networks of partner schools working to improve their own STEM programming. It also aims to train 500 STEM teachers over the next three years who are able to prepare and inspire 10,000 students through individual and group experiences outside the classroom, and create a dynamic networks of partners and system engaged in a spectrum of knowledge discovery and transfer, development of sustainable feedback loops that advance the STEM agenda, and improve educator STEM literacy.


      Scope of Work

      1.1              Module Development


      ·    Develop 4 modules for teaching Science and Mathematics subjects specifically in 10th grade school. The modules will consist of lesson plan, teaching and learning resources, assessments instruments, and also description of teaching and learning aids.

      ·     Develop a module of Project Based Learning in Science and Mathematics Classroom. This module will also consists of lesson plan, teaching and learning resources, assessments instruments, and also description of teaching and learning aids.

      ·    All modules shall refer to the new 2013 Indonesian Curriculum and giving informative guidances to the teachers on how to teach Science and Mathematics subjects for students grade X by implement the active learning approaches and various teaching and learning aids to enhance students’ learning.


      1.2              Teaching and Learning Aids Development


      ·      Develop teaching and learning aids to support teacher’ instructions and enhance students’ learning in Science and Mathematics subjects.

      ·      Develop the standardization criteria for teaching and learning aids and its evaluation instruments.

      ·      Validate all teaching and learning aids, and do final revision if needed.


      1.3              Training


      ·        Develop a three days training activities plan for each module.

      ·       Manage the role of each facilitator and review the existing module to provide a better quality of training materials and to meet the needs of participants.

      ·    Organize all teaching learning aids and reading materials which will be delivered to the participants.

      ·         Develop presentation slides, training materials, worksheets, and training evaluation instruments.

      ·         Carry out the training based on the activities plan in order to achieved training goals.

      ·         Conduct a reflection meeting and write the training report.


      1.4              Monitoring & Advising


      ·     Provide the monitoring form to all participants and give them electronic access to communicate with the facilitators.

      ·      Give feedbacks to the participants in relation to changes in the context and circumstances of their implementation, and in regard to goals, timelines, and any unforeseen circumstances that may occur.

      ·      Collect the monitoring data from all participants and ensure that they are on the right track.

      ·      Write the progress report of the program that includes all significant activities, a description of any problem encountered, any recommendation relating to the program.

      1.5              Evaluation


      ·            Develop evaluation plan, design, method, and instruments/ rubrics to measure the outcome and the effectiveness of the program.

      ·            Visit the classess and do observation, then provide feedbacks to the teachers.

      ·            Evaluate all portfolios based on the given rubric.

      ·            Write the final report.


      1.      5 (five) Modules Developed (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science).

      2.      5 sets of teaching aids developed (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science).

      3.      Training on STEM Modules and Teaching Kits delivered.

      4.      1 Monitoring and Evaluation Report.