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11433Fwd: ACDP 10 EE National Action PLan WGEE

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  • Ninil Jannah
    Jan 27, 2014
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      Kepada kawan-kawang anggota JPL yang berkenan membaca dan memberi review - silahkan mengirim berita ke ecologidiot@.... Mengingat bahwa draft dokumen tidak dapat disertakan dalam milis ini.


      Begin forwarded message:

      Subject: ACDP 10 EE National Action PLan WGEE meeting Wednesday 5th February
      Date: January 27, 2014 at 1:03:42 PM GMT+7
      To: Aulia Wijiasih <auliawijiasih@...>, Ninil Jannah <ecologidiot@...>, Latipah Detara Foundation <fdetara@...>, ------- dll.-- (yang lain saya hapus)

      Dear All WGEE members,

      Greetings again after a long spell of silence from my side. I must apologise for this, as I had was in extreme focus mode in order to write up all of the 4 provincial EE assessment and roadmap reports, which amounted to over 1000 pages of writing. To bring you up to speed, we have finished completely the assessment of the 4 provinces and have since conducted 4 separate stakeholder workshops, one in each province, in order to develop the provincial EE roadmap over the next 5 years, starting in 2015.

      The team is now working hard on taking this information and formulating the National Action PLan for EE in formal education for Indoneisa. We have come up with a draft national framework based on the results of the research and roadmaps, which I'm attaching here for your review. this version is in English, but I will have the Bahasa Indonesia version soon as well, which we will send you, along with the Indonesia language provincial EE assessment and roadmap reports for your review.

      We have also scheduled a meeting of the Working Group for EE on the 5th February from 0830 until 1630pm which we will be sending you all formal invitations to attend. It will be here in Jakarta, though i do not have the exact location at this time. We are still working on this.

      I do hope that you can all attend this meeting, as we will present the finding of the EE assessment in the provinces as well as the provincial roadmaps, and finally the draft national action plan for your to review and provide your comments. WE aim for full approval with minor revisions.

      Please let me know if you already see that you will have a problem to attend. Thank you.


      Robert Steele
      ACDP 10 Project team leader

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