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  • nita murjani
    Dec 8 8:17 PM
      Satu lagi lowongan di TNC:
      From: Rilya Kansil
      Subject: Open Position for Indonesia Terrestrial Program_Orangutan Project Manager
      Dear All,
      Indonesia Terrestrial Program is searching qualified candidate to fill position of:
      Orangutan Project Manager
      The Orangutan Project Manager oversees all aspects of Orangutan conservation program in Indonesia. S/he provides strategic leadership and support for TNC’s orangutan conservation planning work and establishes overall conservation priorities in the region.  S/he will work with various orangutan program/project partners, manage contracts, monitor progress, and report to donor agencies. S/he serves as the principle contact to government agencies, business associations (timber, plantations, mining, etc.), other conservation organizations, foundations and the academic community. S/he will play a leading role in donor identification, cultivation and stewardship for the program. Disseminates best practices, provides training and analyses to best implement organizational measures of success, and develops key partnerships.  While a substantial portion of the program will be focused on East Kalimantan, the program will also be involved with lesson sharing and policy dialogue at the national and international levels. S/he will play an important role in designing and implementing TNC’s emerging global orangutan strategy.
      This may include one or more of the following functions:
      ·         Establishes TNC  as an influential organization on issues related to orangutan conservation program in Indonesia
      ·         Defines conservation priorities in the area of responsibility
      ·         Manages TNC’s orangutan projects, manages contracts, monitors progress, and puts together reports to donor agencies
      ·         Builds strategic, scientific, and technical capacity in the field
      ·         Develops key partnerships with public & private organizations in order to identify and resolve technical issues and to widely communicate solutions and best practices
      ·         Supports relevant NGOs in designing and putting together high quality orangutan and biodiversity conservation proposals to obtain Tropical Forest Conservation funds to support the implementation of REDD+ initiatives in Berau
      ·         Develops innovative scientific methods, analyses, tools, and frameworks to address the natural system needs
      ·         Produces or contributes to the production of at least 4 publications per year, in the forms of journal articles, book chapters, workshop papers, newspaper or magazine articles, etc., which utilizes the collected data of Kalimantan Wide Surveys
      ·         Engages local community support for orangutan habitat conservation efforts
      ·         Negotiates complex and innovative solutions with government agencies and land managers to protect and manage orangutan habitats
      ·         Develops and/or implements biodiversity and orangutan conservation strategies
      ·         Sets key performance indicators on annual basis based on program goals and objectives, in consultation with Terrestrial Program Director and key senior management team members, to guide orangutan initiatives and programs
      ·         Leads or supports fundraising initiatives to support TNC’s orangutan work from private (companies) and public sources.
      Specific deliverables include:
      ·         Activation of learning action networks which bring together key stakeholders
      ·         In depth orangutan study in karst area
      ·         Socialization of KWS2 and situation analysis in West, Central, and East Kalimantan
      ·         Data on Orangutan habitat, High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF), karst landscapes, forest carbon, and other environmental resources is generated and distributed, along with recommendations on the use of the data, to relevant decision-makers in government and private sector
      The Orangutan Project Manager reports to the Berau Program Senior Manager and is based in Tanjung Redeb, Berau/East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
      Basic Qualifications:
      ·         BA/BS degree and 5 years’ experience in biodiversity conservation practice, orangutan or wildlife conservation, or equivalent combination of education and experience
      ·         Experience designing, implementing, and directing complex or multiple projects, funded by both public and private donors
      ·         Experience with certain aspects of fundraising: identifying donor prospects and donor cultivation
      ·         Experience directing a major program of strategic important including management/supervision of multidisciplinary teams
      ·         Experience in partnership development (partners, community, government, etc.); experience working with and through partners
      ·         Experience working with current trends and practices in relevant discipline(s) and regions
      ·         Proven Indonesian and English written and verbal communications skills
      ·         Advanced degree may be required
      ·         Knowledge of current trends and practices in Orangutan conservation program
      ·         Developing practical applications of scientific concepts and technical innovations for conservation purposes
      ·         Knowledge of methods and standards of biodiversity information systems and initiatives
      ·         Motivating team members, setting goals, and leading efforts
      ·         Delivering practical, adaptable products and services to customers
      ·         Knowledge of politics and society with respect to environmental affairs
      ·         Managing time and diverse activities under deadlines while delivering quality results
      ·         Communicating clearly via written, spoken, and graphical means in English and other relevant languages
      ·         Demonstrated success as an inspirational manager who has successfully motivated staff to achieve and sustain excellence
      ·         Demonstrated leadership and visionary qualities and able to work effectively with and through others in a decentralized and geographically dispersed organization
      ·         Extensive networking with high-level conservation contacts; political savvy
      ·         Proven interpersonal, communication, and negotiation skills
      Please send your CV and cover letter to recruitment.indo@..., not later than December 20, 2013. Please insert: Orangutan Project Manager  in your email subject.
      Rilya A. Kansil
      HR Specialist
      The Nature Conservancy 
      Indonesia Country Program
      T.:  +6221-72792043
      F.:  +6221-72792044
      Graha Iskandarsyah, Lt. 3
      Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya No. 66 C
      Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12160