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    Dec 8, 2013
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      Siapa tahu ada yang tertarik:
      From: Rilya Kansil
      Subject: Open Position for Indonesia Terrestrial Program_Forests & Climate Senior Manager
       Dear All,
      Indonesia Terrestrial Program is searching qualified candidate to fill position of:
      TNC is seeking an exceptional person as Forests and Climate Senior Manager to lead our REDD+ efforts in Indonesia through interaction with government, private sector, local communities. Responsibilities include:
      ·         Provide strategic leadership of TNC efforts to support BFCP, including developing performance-based payments;
      ·         Provide increasing support to the national REDD+ program, including the newly created REDD+ Agency as well as Ministry of Forestry, Bappenas, and other key actors in Indonesia’s REDD+ program, by providing useful lessons and experience and coordinating joint policy approaches;
      ·         Ensure strong alignment of the program in Indonesia with evolving international policy context as well as The Conservancy’s Forests and Climate Global Team;
      ·         Serve as contact with the external professional community to keep abreast of new developments and opportunities with others that may be useful to the Conservancy and to report on and share TNC’s experiences
      ·         Help to raise funds for overall functional initiatives and/or specific projects, by providing input for proposal writing, negotiating with bilateral and multilateral agencies and donor cultivation as needed.
      ·         Strengthen and design the science elements of the forest and climate work, including MRV, provides strategic directions for future work.
      ·         Help develop financing mechanisms that will promote the implementation of jurisdictional approach in Berau and in Indonesia.
      ·         Promote TNC work to the scientific communities at the national and international levels.
      ·         Build strategic, scientific and technical capacity in the field within TNC by, among others, providing quality control/assurance to different teams on forest and climate issues.
      ·         Produce or contributes to the production of at least 4 publications per year, in the forms of journal articles, book chapters, workshop papers, newspaper or magazine articles, etc., which utilizes the collected data and lessons learnt from TNC work.
      ·         Promote TNC work to policy-makers and influences policy-making and decision-making processes that would promote jurisdictional approach and green growth development.
      ·         Set key performance indicators on annual basis based on program goals and objectives, in consultation with Terrestrial Program Director and key SMT members, to guide community initiatives and programs.
      ·         BFCP Steering Committee members and other individuals responsible for supporting BFCP implementation share a detailed understanding of the BFCP aims and the local and national context for the implementation of BFCP and REDD+ schemes
      ·         Advise on establishing a system for managing the development, approval and implementation of discrete  REDD+ site initiative at the District Level provided
      ·         Advise on development of a detailed proposal on management system for selecting sites, implementing programs, and linking sites to the overall district-level carbon accounting framework
      ·         Provide strategic advice on the legal and institutional arrangements and establishment of the organizational structures, finance mechanism for securing and managing funds, and implementation procedures of BFCP
      ·         Support the development of a working document that describes the basic processes of BFCP (e.g. operations of SC, role of different implementers, etc.) and can be read and understood by key stakeholders (e.g. SC members, other GOI reps, community members, etc.)
      ·         Coordinate economic analysis of REDD+ and green development in Berau that integrates ecosystem valuation, traditional macroeconomic analysis at the district-level, and economic analysis and land-manager level is communicated to key audiences
      ·         Develop options assessment report and provide facilitation services to support negotiations between Berau and national REDD+ financial mechanism, Reforestation Fund, and other performance-based financing mechanism
      ·         Advise on development and implementation of joint carbon accounting roadmap agreed among TNC, ForClime, TFCA program, and others, approved by SC and understood by Pemda
      ·         Provide technical advice on the design and implementation of performance based payment mechanism for emission reduction from logging concession and community based natural resource management
      ·         Provide strategic advice and support for REDD+ Agency, especially in relation to development of the jurisdictional approach to REDD+
      ·         Support the design and implementation of a national-level REDD+ learning event
      ·         Lead the Indonesia Program’s collaboration with the Forests and Climate Global Team, including providing information and participating in team events and international policy events
      The Forests and Climate Senior Manager reports to the Terrestrial Program Director and is based in Jakarta, Indonesia
      Basic Qualifications:
      ·         BA/BS degree and 10 years’ experience in conservation practice or equivalent combination of education and experience
      ·         Experience in designing, implementing and directing multiple projects
      ·         Experience preparing and presenting project proposals, negotiating, and/or working in partnership with other organizations in a collaborative and advisory capacity, or related
      ·         Experience with certain aspects of fundraising: identifying donor prospects and donor cultivation
      ·         Experience working with current trends and practices in relevant discipline(s) and regions
      ·         Experience in partnership development (partners, community, government, etc.); experience with high-level conservation contacts
      ·         10-12 years’ experience in conservation practice or equivalent combination of education and experience. Master’s degree may be preferred or required
      ·         Working knowledge of current trends in REDD+ in Indonesia and internationally
      ·         Excellent communications in Bahasa Indonesia and English
      ·         Demonstrated experience influencing, developing and implementing conservation policy and plans at the state and/or country level
      ·         Developing practical applications of scientific concepts and technical innovations for conservation purposes
      ·         Knowledge of methods and standards of biodiversity information systems and initiatives and experience conceiving and implementing strategic initiatives
      ·         Motivating team members, setting goals and leading efforts 
      ·         Delivering practical, adaptable products and services to customers
      ·         Managing time and diverse activities under deadlines while delivering quality results
      ·         Communicating clearly via written, spoken, and graphical means in English and Bahasa Indonesia
      ·         Demonstrated experience in fundraising
      ·         Successful experience in developing, directing and managing multiple projects
      ·         Demonstrated success as an inspirational manager who has successfully motivated staff to achieve and sustain excellence
      ·         Demonstrated leadership and visionary qualities and able to work effectively with and through others in a decentralized and geographically dispersed organization
      ·         Successful experience in partnership development (partners, community, government, etc.) including extensive networking with high-level conservation contacts; political savvy
      ·         Proven interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills
      Please send your CV and cover letter to recruitment.indo@..., not later than December 20, 2013. Please insert: Forests & Climate Senior Manager  in your email subject.
      Rilya A. Kansil
      HR Specialist
      The Nature Conservancy 
      Indonesia Country Program
      T.:  +6221-72792043
      F.:  +6221-72792044
      Graha Iskandarsyah, Lt. 3
      Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya No. 66 C
      Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12160