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Bride's Maid Bouquet Holder, Today's Featured Pattern

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  • Julie Bolduc
    Image of pattern!Today s featured pattern is: Bride s Maid Bouquet Holder You can get today s newsletter and pattern by going to:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 29, 2013
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      Image of pattern!Today's featured pattern is:
      Bride's Maid Bouquet Holder
      You can get today’s newsletter and pattern by going to:

      Don’t forget, if you are not yet a member, the deal this week is the best one going!
      $50.00 gets you Lifetime Never Ending Membership, a pair of earrings and a set of crochet stitch markers!

      http://www.jpfun.com/sale/index.shtml.  Offer ends Friday!

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      Have a Magnificent Monday!

      catyarnballbgJulie A. Bolduc
      Owner, JPF Crochet Club & Paper Bead Crafts





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