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November 1, 2000

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  • Julie A. Bolduc
    JPFun What s Up News from the JPF Crochet Club web site. Where Crocheting is Just Plain Fun ********************************* You are subscribed to JPFun
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2000
      JPFun What's Up
      News from the JPF Crochet Club web site.
      Where Crocheting is Just Plain Fun

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      Date: Wednesday November 1, 2000

      The purpose of this newsletter is to inform you of what is going on at the
      JPF Crochet Club site.

      I also include little things that you will not find on the site.

      >>>===> What's New
      The Big news is I found a new server for the site and I am currently in the
      processess of moving everything over there.
      With this new server will come new features and benefits that will make the
      site better for you.
      Also better for me. We will now have our own List Server so all of the
      email you get relating from our site will come from our site!
      I will be placing ads in the newsletters in the future but they will relate
      to crafts and other things that are of interest to Women.
      Not every issue or mailing will have ads in them so you will not be
      bombarded with ads.
      If you own a web site and you would like to place an ad in a future issue,
      please contact me for rates. They will be reasonable.

      Since putting up the craft supply store, I have received only one order. So
      unfortunately, it is not worth my time and effort to keep it going.
      So I will be taking it down during the move to the new server.
      I will be concentrating on finding sponsors and other sources of income to
      keep this site going. Right now the main income for keeping this site
      up and running is from New members.

      You may have noticed that the security certificate I had on the site has
      expired. I worked hard so that would not happen, but it did. I had a hard
      time getting the host administrators to cooperate with me on this. So that
      is another reason for the move to a new server.
      I will not need to purchase another security certificate since I will be
      able to use the one on the new server without cost.

      I can also use the payment processor's secure server for payment processing
      so your information will still be secure.
      I also now accept PayPal payments as well!
      So if you are not yet a member, you can still become one and your
      information will still be secure.

      >>>===>New Free Patterns
      Lacet Strip Bookmark Free Date Added: October 25, 2000
      This simple bookmark looks harder to do than it really is. It is fairly
      quick to make and you would make great little something extra you could give
      someone who reads alot. You could also embelish it with a satin ribbon woven
      down the center of it.

      Jack-O-Lantern Filet Coaster Free Date Added: October 16, 2000
      This small filet pattern can actually be stitched onto an orange colored
      felt backing to give your wood surface more protection and to also make it
      more festive looking. It is a very quick pattern and could be completed in
      just a few hours. In fact, It took me about 90 minutes to complete. Since
      this is such a small project, I have written out the instructions as well as
      provided a stitch chart, so this is the perfect pattern for beginners of
      filet crochet.

      Pretty Snowflake Ornament Free Date Added: October 9, 2000
      This lacy snowflake is fast and easy to make and you could make several in
      an evening! It is just the right size for filling those large open spaces on
      your tree. You could also use it as a package topper just like any other
      snowflake you can make.

      >>>===>New Member Patterns

      Julie's Basic Mittens Paid Date Added: October 25, 2000
      These mittens are a great basic all purpose family mitten. You could
      actually make these mittens in various colors due to the way they are made.
      They have a tight fabric so that they will stay nice and warm in cold
      weather. To make child's mittens without altering the pattern, just use
      sport weight yarn and a size E hook. To make an ornament you can stuff, use
      size 10 crochet thread and a size 7 steel hook.

      Pumpkin Filet Square Doily Paid Date Added: October 22, 2000
      This doily is a companion pattern to the Pumpkin Filet Doily on this site. I
      have written out the instructions as well as provided a stitch chart. The
      pattern is done in the round unlike a traditional filet pattern.

      Variation of Perky Pillowghan Square Paid Date Added: October 12, 2000
      This pillowghan square is almost exactly like the Perky Pillowghan Square.
      There is a slight variation with the way the corners are worked. And also
      there is a row of sc on the last round. Plus this is made of all one color.

      Popcorn Granny Square Scrubber Paid Date Added: October 6, 2000
      This little scrubber pattern could do double duty! Not only is it a great
      little scrubber, but if you made this square with acrylic worsted weight
      yarn, you can use it as a motif in an afghan. This would be a great way to
      use up your scraps! You could also make a pillow with 9 of these squares
      sewn together.

      Perky Pillowghan Square Paid Date Added: October 3, 2000
      Sorry, I could not think of a better name. ;) This pillowghan square can be
      easily altered to make a small 6"x6" square or continued on for an afghan.
      It is very versitle. This square does tend to be wavy. This is a great
      pattern to use up scraps you may have.

      Jiffy Bell Hat Paid Date Added: October 5, 2000
      This hat, when you pull the cuff down, looks like a bell! Plus it is super
      quick to make! It would make a fantastic last minute gift to make and give!
      You could actually make more than one in an evening! The secret is, using
      the new Light & Lofty yarn made by Red Heart!
      >>>===>Coming Soon
      In the future, I will be able to host exchange groups!
      If you want to run an exchange, you will be able to set up your exchange
      list on our server for free!
      You will be able to post your guidelines, instructions, and member profiles
      on our server!
      Your members can enter in their own information to ease your work. They
      will also be able to
      remove themselves from your exchange group if they need to.

      >>>===>Helpful Hint
      Halloween is over! If you have left over candy that you were passing out to
      trick or treaters, and you have kids, send the candy to the school where
      your child attends and let them give it to their teacher to pass out among
      the other kids in their class. This will get rid of it!

      >>>===>Quick Craft Idea
      To make the simplest and quickest of all scrunchies, use worsted weight
      yarn, a size H hook, a large elastic. Join yarn anywhere on the elastic.
      *Ch 15. Sc in elastic. Repeat this until the scrunchie is filled. Join
      with a slst in the first sc.
      Julie A. Bolduc
      ICQ #22877303
      Owner of the JPF Crochet Club

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