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Free Pattern Focus & 600 Pattern CD Special

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  • Julie A. Bolduc
    JPF Crochet Club Newsletter JPFun New Free Pattern ... I just wanted to put a focus on a few of the free patterns at the JPF Crochet Club and give you some
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2006
      JPF Crochet Club Newsletter

      JPFun New Free Pattern

      I just wanted to put a focus on a few of the free patterns at the JPF Crochet Club and give you some tips on how to search for certain patterns at the site.  Plus I am running a special for JPF Free Patterns Subscribers only.  Later on, when I add a new free pattern, the email will look something like this.
      If you see a yahoogroups ad at the top, it was attached by yahoogroups after this message was sent by me.
      Cute Towel Topper
      Added: October 08 1999 Free
      This towel is topped with a hanger that is made then sewn on to a gathered unfinished edge of a towel which has been cut in half. You could make a whole bunch of the tops first then sew them to the cut edges of hand towels after you are done crocheting the tops. This would make a great bazaar item since they do not take that long to make.

      Honey Comb Wood Trivet
      Added: July 13 1999 Free
      It is a fast and fun trivet to make and would make a wonderful Bazaar item.
      Mile-A-Minute Belt
      Added: June 11 1998 Free
      This belt is easily made with 2 welded D rings and worsted weight yarn and would look great over a jumper or with a pair of jeans.

      JPF Pencil Cup
      Added: July 01 1998 Free
      I made this pencil cup cause I wanted something new and fresh on my desk to put pencils and pens in instead of the coffee mug that I have been using. And since I crochet I figured I should have one that is crocheted. This is a cover which is removable so it can be washed. Also you can wash the plastic container as needed.

      Search Tips
      If you want to search for all of the patterns which were designed in a specific year, use the special search box on the directory page and type in 1999: for example.
      If you are looking for all of the pencil cups designed on the site, enter "pencil cup:" without the quotes.
      If you are looking for anything specific, try typing a space before and after a single word such as bracelet or necklace to find all of the patterns which have those words in the description or title.

      Get the JPF Crochet Club CD at the low discounted price of just  $20.00!  (This is normally only available to paid members of the JPF Crochet Club)  For a limited time, this price is available to you, a subscriber to the JPF Free Patterns Mailing list at Yahoogroups.
      Plus get 2000 points added to your points account for this purchase!
      Username: jpffreepatterns
      Password: 413april667
      Click on the link below to go to this special page created just for Subscribers of JPF Free Patterns at Yahoogroups.
      Offer good only until 4/30/2006!
      If you want to be a member and be able to get the CD at this price at any time, you can sign up at http://www.jpfun.com/store/index.shtml

      Julie A. Bolduc
      JPF Crochet Club
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