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820Mr. Bumble Bee Ornament, Today's Featured Pattern

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  • Julie A. Bolduc
    Jun 29, 2008

      Today's Featured Pattern

      Image of pattern! Today's featured pattern is "Mr Bumble Bee Ornament".

      You can get to the new one by going to

      This pattern will be available for 24 hours from now: 6/29/2008.
      Don't forget to refresh the page when you get there if you do not see the pattern you expect.

      If you miss this pattern, and you want to get it, please do not ask me for it. You can get it for 3000 points if you have a points account or you can become a member for 30 days for \$2.95 and get access to all of the patterns on the site.


      You can get today's issue of the JPFun Newsletter by going to


      Please check your Bingo Card to see if you are a winner!
      Go to http://www.jpfun.com/games/bingo/index.shtml

      Click on the link to go to the Latest Numbers, log in to get your card, print it out, then check  your numbers against the numbers called so far.
      If you have won, send me an email to let me know and include the numbers you won with.  There should be a winner now! 

      By the way, I will be picking the next winner of the JPF Crochet Club monthly raffle tomorrow!

      Julie A. Bolduc
      Owner, JPF Crochet Club
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