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50Scallops Coaster

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  • Julie A. Bolduc
    Apr 25 4:41 AM
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      Hi Everyone!

      I have just posted a brand new free pattern!!

      It is called Scallops Coaster and you can get it at


      If you are not yet a member, now would be the best time to sign up.
      I have posted 17 patterns in the month of April. I plan on keeping
      this pace up. My plan is to post 5 new patterns per week. 4 for
      paid members and 1 free one per week.

      It is a great deal! 20-25 new patterns per month for just $2.95 per
      month! That is so much better than any magazine you can buy at the
      news stand!

      Julie A. Bolduc
      Owner JPF Crochet Club