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  • Julie A. Bolduc
    Jun 16, 2007
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      Hi Everyone!

      If you are getting 2 of these messages, then you are probably subscribed to
      jpfunwhatsup and jpffreepatterns at yahoogroups.

      I want to merge the 2 lists so I am only managing one list. All of my
      messages have been going to all of my lists and it would make more sense
      just to have one newsletter list.

      If you are subscribed to jpfunwhatsup and not jpffreepatterns, and you want
      to keep receiving the messages, please send an email to


      If you no longer want to receive emails from the jpffreepatterns
      list, you can send a blank email to

      I am going to delete the jpfunwhatsup email list tonight after I get this
      particular message in my inbox.

      I am going to keep the mailing lists on my own computer. I may move all of
      my lists to my own web site in the future and if and when I do, I will
      already have your address in my system and I will send an introductory email
      from there when it is set up. I promise you will be able to unsubscribe
      from that list if you want to. I am not sure if I ever will do it though.
      I will let you know.

      Julie A. Bolduc
      Owner JPF Crochet Club