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37Spiral Center Hexagon Motif

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  • Julie Bolduc
    Jun 9, 2001
      Hi There!
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      Free Pattern
      Spiral Center Hexagon Motif
      You could make a great coverlet to go over a solid colored comforter with
      this motif. Make it in several colors out of your scraps for a very
      beautiful and colorful afghan. You could make at least 3 or 4 motifs in a
      couple of hours.

      Members Only Patterns (you will need your member username & password for
      the patterns below.)

      Lacy Hexagon Motif or Trivet Added: May 29, 2001 Members Only
      This hexagon motif can also be used as a trivet. But I feel it would be
      better if you made several of them with acrylic yarn and put them together
      in a large afghan. If you use thread instead of yarn, you would have a

      Mini Bell Ornament Added: May 23, 2001 Members Only
      This tiny bell is designed for a small Christmas Tree. You could hang it on
      a normal sized tree also if you want to. It is very fast and easy to make
      and you could make several in an evening.

      Center Clusters Pillowghan Square Added: May 16, 2001 Members Only
      This pillowghan square can be easily made with several different colors or
      with a varaigated colored yarn. It is simple and would make a great take
      along project. With this pattern, you could easily make a pillowghan in
      about 12-13 hours or 13-14 nights if you make just one square per night.
      Then piece them all together on the 14th night.

      Cluster Pentagon Coaster Added: May 9, 2001 Members Only
      This simple coaster is fast and easy to make and several can be completed in
      an evening. You could add variety by using a different color for every row.
      It would also look great made with variagated yarn!

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